Bad timing x 2

I was going to meet City Boy last weekend to enact his golden shower scenario, but of the three days I said I was free for an excursion, he waited until the morning of the first day to ask if I was coming around and then let me know he was working the other two days so it was our only opportunity. I’m too far away for last-minute interactions and I was still lounging about in bed. He has gone away for a few days and returns to a casual job where his shifts are allocated at short notice, so it may be some time before we catch up. With the benefit of frustrated hindsight I should have dragged myself out and got in the car, but it was my week off work and I was feeling too relaxed and lethargic in the heat to rush about anywhere.

Young Lion has been so ardent and inadvertently funny in his communication that I have been spending time looking for an outdoor venue in which to finally have a brief bout of sex until our schedules agree to a hotel evening. The train timetables are also on reduced holiday services and it’s hard for him to get around in the evenings — yet another lesson learned about chasing young things who live with their parents and don’t drive. I found a possible venue and called him to confirm he was still free one evening, but spurred by new Christmas pornography he had already masturbated four times that day and wasn’t up for moving from his bedroom, let alone meeting for sex with a real person.  He’s gone away as well for a few days and I keep changing my mind between letting him go before we really start or making more of an effort to pounce him. Even when I’m grumpy at his lack of foresight, his gung-ho attitude is energising and I’ll try to be patient for the right opportunity to go for a test ride.

I haven’t been on the dating side for about three months and I was thinking of re-activating my account but I joined a new gym a few weeks ago and the scales and mirrors told an unpleasant story. I need to devote more energy to lowering my bodyfat percentage and probably looking for another new job before chasing new partners. The Drummer said spending more hours training might wear me out and tame my sex drive, but I shook my head and said the more energy I exhaust, the more I produce and the results will likely be scary. It’s my birthday in four months and I’m thinking about planning a month of mayhem to celebrate. I’ll see.

It’s the last day of the year and I’m not enticed by any of the options on offer so I might escape the heat and stay home. Last new year’s eve I got to spend some time with Urban Vagabond and the previous year I joined M1 late in the night, so I’ve been most fortunate the past couple of years. I live quite straightforwardly without religion and some other major anniversaries as signposts of a year so I tend to live as the days pass. This year, however, has been marked with chronic pain and sadness at the start and frustration and anger at the end, so I’ll have to write about and purge 2009 soon [edited: I drafted a post and it’s too self absorbed for release so I’ll focus on my goals for the coming year when the time comes]. I also have an urge to write about the most humiliating dating experience that I haven’t mentioned here, so I need to put the pen to paper about him. So I hope you enjoy whatever you do tonight and wish you good health every day.