I’ve been away and inactive on the man front so don’t have a lot to report. However, I have tidied a post sitting in the (now empty) draft queue from an episode in the car.

He finished with a long shudder and stayed in my mouth until he recovered. I eased myself up and my eyes met his.

“Don’t think you’re kissing me!”


My mind raced with so many thoughts I couldn’t catch one and shape it into words. Haven’t we done this dozens of times before – and kissed afterwards? Are you really that keen to disassociate yourself from potential homo-erotic connotations? You realise you taste just fine? Does this mean in future I should spit your cock out of my mouth when you’re close and you can tidy up your own belly afterwards? Or perhaps I’m the one with boundaries so flexible and warped that almost everything seems normal these days?

I have no idea.

He’s spent plenty of time between my legs with his tongue everywhere it can go. I’ve urinated on him, squirted on him and we had an unfortunate incident with anal sex when my body wasn’t empty enough and he dealt with the aftereffects better than I did.

We all have illogical quirks that we don’t just to justify to anyone, but I am curious. Maybe I’ll ask next time we’re in the same situation.

4 thoughts on “Quirks

  1. Firstly, Welcome Back – it’s been too long!

    Secondly – his loss, I always find it amazingly intimate to share a kiss immediately after the conclusion of oral, whether I was the giver or the receiver. One of my former partners used to kiss me with her mouth still full of my load – that, you should tell him, is hot!

  2. Hi Freddy, my apologies for the delay in responding. Happy Christmas and new year to you.

    I’ll let him know it’s hot but I think I already know his response :-). As long as we’re kissing, I don’t mind.

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