Blasts from the past

I haven’t disappeared; this post has been in edit mode for a couple of weeks after a crapload of freelance work hit me just before I started a new job.

Some people from my past have been returning to the orbit in subtle and obvious ways. Mostly it’s been good.

Army Dude

Army Dude and I have been in touch for our now-entrenched Tour de France discussions every June and July. After a few days of messages he invited me to his house on his day off. Apart from me being busy in my resignation period at work, I didn’t know how to say I wasn’t keen on a once-off interaction without sounding unreasonably uptight about it. He has moved house and I’m not sure if his wife is working so I imagine his opportunities to misbehave are few and far between. 

The one who got away quickly

I was reading the weekend papers recently (I know, it’s old school) and someone I met for lunch once was gracing the cover of the weekend supplement. What the hell, the ones who reject me are now haunting me in full-colour imagery.

He was the man who provided every obvious clue that he couldn’t flee quickly enough, but I was quietly glad as it saved me an uncomfortable exit. One of the  jobs in his online profile was ‘acting extra’ and he seems to have scored a gig in a stock photo of a nightclub security guard.

The paper may have later been used to wrap kitty litter.


As well as being stuck in the old world of newspapers, I don’t have Facebook or many other forms of social media apart from LinkedIn under my non-dirty blonde identity. I was at a meeting recently and re-acquainted myself with an industry contact who reminded me of Jekyll (similar average height and lean build, attractive, well-cut silvery hair, nice tie) and it prompted me to look up Jekyll on LinkedIn.

He’s been active on there and I spent a few minutes checking out what he’d been up to and reading testimonials of his work. I logged off from my surreptitious snooping and pondered if I should make contact or leave the past alone. However, I hadn’t considered that he’d have a paid account and could see that I’d been fishing around.

While I was contemplating whether to make an approach or not, he sent a contact request with a note saying hello. It was brave of him considering we haven’t spoken for more than three years and I hadn’t sent a contact request after looking at his profile.

I responded positively and we’ve been e-mailing most days. It sounds like he hasn’t had a lot of luck meeting like-minded kinksters and is missing the physical side of his life. I’m not sure what will come of our contact but I feel good about being in touch.

I mentioned to The Drummer that he’d made contact, and he said, “Is that Mr Crisco?”

Um, yes *blush*.

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