Lay back and enjoy the ride

The Country Boy turned the lever to push the car seat as far back as it would allow while cranking the recline dial to maximum. One second he was upright and talking to me and the next he was laying back saying, “You never know what’ll happen to a man in this position.”

Yes, I do know! It was one of those moments I wished he could see the non-stop reel of crude thoughts scrolling in a fast forward, high-definition montage in my mind.

I snapped back to reality (reclining, aroused man with mischief on his mind) and said, “The first thing that should happen is your zip needs to come down.”

He completed the task before I finished the sentence.

He knows I have a thing for feeling his cock through fabric and he left his underwear on to indulge me. I felt the hardening lines of his shaft and he widened his legs to allow access to the softer areas. After teasing him a while longer I peeled his underwear down and saw the reclining, aroused man with mischief on his mind sporting a monster-sized erection.

What to do? What to do?

Ride him, damn it.

I was wearing a long skirt and scrambled to ditch my shoes and pantyhose (how I wish stockings and suspenders were more practical to wear in the daily world). With the folds of my skirt in one hand I traversed to his side and used my other hand for balance while I positioned my feet. His erection had softened while I messed about but something about me hovering over him brought him back to hardness soon enough.

After lowering myself to take his full length in a fit of enthusiasm, I sprang back up from discomfort as I wasn’t ready for his size. He thought the first deep penetration was a hint for more and helped me down again while I resisted and tried to control depth. We sorted out a compatible rhythm quickly and he came after about a dozen thrusts. Thankfully I’d relaxed enough after a few strokes to come a couple of times as well.

He said he was disappointed in a way that I had come because he had other plans for me, but my world was hazy and sparkly and he is saving his plans for next time.

5 thoughts on “Lay back and enjoy the ride

  1. ‘hazy and sparkly’ – – Like 🙂
    You two really need to get a room soon xxx

    btw – vis a vis the wriggling out of pantyhose issue; is being bare legged not an option?

  2. Thanks, Gaz. The only things slowing me down at the moment are illness and lack of free time. Maybe this week there will be more.

    Thanks, Freddy. We need a room like you wouldn’t believe. Bare legs aren’t an option this time of year … I could have taken them off and surprised him but he arrived first at the park.

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