Finding someone new 5

(The temporary) campaign closure

I’ve suspended my account to take a break while I’m still comparatively sane and enthusiastic. Here’s a state of the nation:


The chap in the ‘chair didn’t get back to me. The ‘last date online’ feature on the website is vague and it seems he hadn’t been on since the day before I sent my last message. I was sorry to kill off my account before making proper contact but it was more than a fortnight ago.


He’s back in town and we have exchanged a few e-mails. We agreed to catch up but this week he’s been available on my usual gym nights and I just don’t have capacity at the moment to be flexible with my diary (I don’t mean that in a wanky way but my job might be ending soon in a nasty surprise kind of way and my spare time is spent either freaking out and not sleeping or laying awake at all hours creating a back-up plan and not sleeping).

He is away again at the end of this month so I’ll need to make an effort before he leaves as another delay isn’t fair on either of us.

Postscript: He was unavailable the last weekend before he was away again (and the days prior and afterwards) because he was going camping. He said he wasn’t usually this busy but his actions are speaking louder than words. Enough is enough.

Eleven (hey, all prime numbers)

We met for a drink and there were no issues with initial attraction or the goodbye kiss. The videos kept coming afterwards, though, and the last one was a masturbatory extravaganza made in four parts. I’m pleased that someone is making an effort for me, however, I’m tired of seeing his semen spurting over a shower screen, handheld mirror (do not try this at home, gents), hand, belly, bathtub, wooden frame and wherever else he’s filmed (I’m not exaggerating).

I think this has fizzled to nothing but I’m not fussed either way.

Postscript: I noticed the new videos were sent with me as a bcc (the older videos and general e-mails were sent to me in the ‘to’ address line) so I gather I’m part of a mailing list. And he asked if I’d be interested in a threesome with another woman he knows. I don’t know the general etiquette in this situation, but I found it offputting to be discussing a threesome when the twosome between us hasn’t eventuated. My discomfort is difficult to explain in this situation but I trusted my gut feel and let him go.

The Drummer laughed when he caught up reading the blog and saw that I had started a numbering system.

I replied that they’ll be given names at the stage when nudity is guaranteed or has occurred. I’m out of names much like the world wide web is running out of IP addresses and I need to preserve them.

Apart from this activity, Steele, Army Dude and NZ have been in touch, you know, just seeing how I am and, oh yes, if I’m free to catch up. I wish I enjoyed infrequent encounters with people I don’t see often as I could keep busy a night every week or two instead of complaining I can’t find anyone regularly.

2 thoughts on “Finding someone new 5

  1. You have done well to stick it out this long TDB, I applaud your commitment.
    I suppose if you want something badly enough it might be worthwhile.

    Have you tried turning the tables on your video friend and requesting a video of him drinking his deposit.
    Might put him off a bit?

  2. Thanks, Gaz. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong as I’m careful and honest … perhaps I’m not.

    Mr Video seems to have disappeared. Maybe I’ll see him on RedTube one day!

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