About the young single chap from the last post — 1 of 2

I may have had sex with him — well, twice in the interests of being accurate — so I guess he needs a pseudonym. I shall refer to him as Cub.

He wrote an introductory message explaining he had read my profile and why he was interested despite being outside my age boundaries (mine is set to 10 years each side and he’s under the minimum — I feel ancient). I ended up thanking him for reading for a few minutes before making an approach and opening my photo gallery. He replied in the positive and seemed surprised that not everyone reads and takes notice of the words in profiles.

It was at that stage my cynical side kicked in and thought perhaps he was mirroring what I wanted to hear (I knew that old neuro-linguistic programming stuff would come in handy one day, although wrongly for the purposes of paranoia and antsiness). Commonse sense prevailed and I thought to myself, hang on, he’s not shown a single hint of being anything but genuine — don’t be so uptight, and give him a chance.

As things turn out he works for my old employer but he started there after I finished. The Drummer isn’t keen on him for this reason as there’s a culture of immaturity clouding many who work there, but I’d already organised a night to meet for a drink and, ultimately, as long as I keep myself safe and let him know what I’m doing, any fall-out from those I choose to meet is mine to manage.

I drove to the hotel in a mild tizz, walked a lap of the bars and restaurant at an artificially calm pace and couldn’t find anyone who looked like his photos. I phoned him and I could hear from the echoing background noise that he was somewhere in the venue. He said he’d wait for me at the front of the main entrance so we didn’t miss each other.

I was in the hallway of the main entrance and saw through the clear glass a security guard and a man around Cub’s height smoking a cigarette. Shit, I didn’t check if he smoked — I still have flashbacks of the stale smell on Army Dude’s clothes and the sourness of his semen. Oh well, this man may not like my chubby backside, so shut up, go forth and meet him.

I strode out the doors, turned left to face my date and looked up into his eyes with a coy and hopeful smile on my face. And I then realised it wasn’t him. He was good looking though, but I had to end the now-awkward eye contact and hit the street at a trot before he asked why I was staring at him.

After another lap of the bars I returned to the rear of the building in case Cub was referring to the main entrance from the car park. My heart was thumping with nerves by this time and I decided to call again and ask him to find me; I’m competent at many things but locating people doesn’t seem to be one of them. As I raised my phone to make the call, a man matching his 5 foot 10-ish height, short brown hair and engaging smile emerged from around a corner. Bingo.

We said hello and the look in his eyes didn’t say he wanted to run for the hills so I suggested we grab a drink and sit somewhere. The bar we were in was noisy, the next one was playing the worst of 80s pop (and I am the unashamed queen of 80s pop) and I indicated a small lounge with a two-seater couch and some chairs. I thought the easiest way to check out his interest was to sit on the couch and see where he placed himself. He sat next to me and leaned towards me to talk, and I suspected all was going to be good. That wasn’t a bad move on my behalf; I’ll have to remember it for future reference as it’s much easier than meeting boys in parks and having to ask if they’re interested … 🙂

We talked about general things and I was thankful we’d worked at the same place to help keep the conversation going. About half-way through our drinks and during a small break in conversation he asked if I wanted to get out of there. I blushed, nodded and said yes, and then hoped he meant *with him* rather than just getting out of there (I really should be better at this interaction thing by now).

We worked out that I’d follow him to his house, which was only 10 minutes away. After I parked he escorted me in the front door and I had another moment of dorkishness regarding what to do next. Sit with him and talk because I have good manners and the rest will come at the right time, pounce on him because that’s what dirty old women online are supposed to do, or stand around in the loungeroom looking awkward and not in control. I chose the latter option.

He brought me a glass of water and I moved to the couch. He put on a trashy film in the Porkies genre as background noise, which was a clever choice because we opted to focus on each other rather than the screen. He kissed nicely and smelled clean and fresh with a subtle masculine undertone that awakened my senses. And after this current period without sexual activity, my dormant libido kicked in and said not to worry if he fucks like a faulty power drill, just get it out of your system, girl.

He had my clothes off before I could remove his shirt but he graciously allowed me to strip him to bare skin. Fair, hairless and a perfectly horizontal cock staring me in the face. I felt old and flawed in front of his unscarred youth but the state of his cock said he was happy enough.

We explored each other with our hands for a long while and he asked me to wait while he grabbed a condom. He reads profiles and practices safe sex — impressive. After suiting up, he pushed me back on the couch and slid into me with a long and slow stroke and my world stopped as I felt him fill me. Pure, simple bliss. We shifted to find the most comfortable position on the soft and unsupportive cushions and he loomed over me as I nestled my neck in his shoulder. The horizontally straight cock I saw earlier rubbed my G-spot and delivered me a row of small and welcome orgasms.

He stopped about a minute later and I asked if he was okay. He said he’d come and he asked into my level of satisfaction. My unbreakable grin was enough. He didn’t make any change in movement or noise as he came and if we see each other again I’ll need to get used to someone who’s relatively quiet during climax like me.

We laid about naked on the lounge and returned to watching the last half of the awful film. He sat upright while I laid on my side and rested my head in the crease between his belly and thigh – my mouth and right hand weren’t far from his hibernating cock but I behaved myself while we regained our energy.

5 thoughts on “About the young single chap from the last post — 1 of 2

    1. What, you read profiles and practice safe sex? 😉

      Part two is in the draft queue, awaiting removal of dodgy metaphors and wayward semi-colons and the other crimes I usually commit.

  1. *laughs* qualities I admire but others don’t on online profiles!

    The next post is drafted (the postscript keeps changing) and I’ll get it up tomorrow night.

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