The rest of the OMG tale

I showered quickly and made myself even later by waiting in the wrong car park for Mr OMG. We worked through the geographical confusion and he pulled up alongside me and got out of his car. Darkness had almost fallen and it was difficult to see his features in detail. We hugged and our smiles matched in breadth and he was skinnier than the last time I had my arms around him.

He makes me softer. Apart from the obvious turning to mush of my mind for tolerating and encouraging our situation, whatever ragged edges I have become smoother. After knowing him for more than two years, butterflies still dance in my tummy and I smile and giggle more (I’m usually one for wrenching gut pains with the jitters and use dry humour to deflect signs of nerves). These unfamiliar coquettish traits aren’t negative when they come out on occasion, and I could see the masculine versions mirrored in him as he fidgeted while he said he could barely speak.

I ran my hands across his shoulders and down his back, just to explore his shape and make sure it was him. It was. A tickle of lust spread from my centre to my hands and I gripped his buttocks, I don’t know, just to make sure they were his. They sure as hell were. Or, our tongues were re-acquainting themselves by that stage and whatever my hands did wasn’t my responsibility. He had a week’s worth of facial hair that had curled gently and didn’t scratch my chin as we kissed. I withdrew for a moment to look at his face and I kissed him again; his lips aren’t as full as the Country Boy’s and it felt like uncharted territory re-mapping someone else’s anatomy and movements.

His hand slid down the track pants I’d put back on (my inner rebel said not to make an effort after a year of absence) and the region between my legs sprang with moisture. He rubbed and circled my clit for about 30 seconds and asked if I was going to come. I let out one of those giggles mingled with a snort of doubt and said that I was too nervy and not relaxed enough to come. I wondered later if he was gifted with magical fingers that my body didn’t appreciate, had a partner with the gift of being able to come quickly or he wasn’t as experienced as I’d assumed, I don’t know, but there was no way my body was going to settle enough to find release.

I was giddy with the spirit of adventure and suggested we settle somewhere more comfortable. We looked around and when I thought about the comfort of his car I instead ended up saying we should head over to the picnic bench and table. After I sat on the bench I grabbed the belt of his jeans and pulled him towards me. I thought it was one of my better unscripted moves but I suppose no man in his right mind would say no to having his groin directed at a woman’s mouth. Dark jeans and night time be damned because I could see his erection peaking upwards and I silently lauded the good people who invented denim.

He didn’t need to be asked to unzip. I took him in my mouth and remembered the curve of his shaft as I started gagging. The Country Boy’s cock is broader and straighter so I usually can’t stuff enough in to reach gagging stage, but with Mr OMG I had to slow and re-acquaint myself with ways of sucking him that were pleasurable for him and comfortable for me. Him bracing his hand on the skin between my neck and shoulder and sliding his cock towards the roof of my mouth did the trick. His other hand grasped my ponytail for effect and he thrusted in my mouth until he said he was close to coming. When we started, he said he’d like to come in my mouth and recover before fucking me, but time wasn’t on our side and we only had one shot.

And a quick shot it was. He bent me over the bench with my upper body sprawled across the table and tore down my pants. My body was more than ready and he slid in to the hilt and fucked with long, firm stabs. Little waves of orgasm ripped through me quickly, for which I was grateful to my willing body because it was all over in about 15 strokes.

He was embarrassed about the outcome but happy to catch up with me, I was frustrated with the outcome but happy to catch up with him, and we vowed with utmost in-the-moment sincerity to catch up before another year passes. We’ll see.

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