He was sitting upright with his legs crossed, and I was arranged happily on his lap with limbs wrapped around him. His cock was filling me to the brim.

I was rocking slowly, exploring our responses to different angles, while pondering how to add an extra dimension.

I bent and bit into his chest, in a circle just around the boundary line of the areola. He made the kind of encouraging moan that could only interpreted as keep doing that, and harder. I’d have asked, “Are you serious?” but my mouth was occupied. While I already felt like I was gnawing the crust from a loaf of bread, his noises became louder and more furtive when I dug my teeth into his skin as firmly as I dared.

Then I reached the moment I realised I’m a novice when it comes to inflicting some treatments on others. I have no personal frame of reference because my nipples are so sensitive that anything beyond a gentle tweak or lick elicits a pained yowl (and a bad temper if done on purpose). I didn’t know whether to hold a static grip with my teeth, change the location, transfer attention to the neglected nipple or start chewing. At least he has enough covering of chest hair that I could safely leave a mark, I thought. There’s a start. How about I just keep doing what I’m doing until my jaw locks, and then think of something else? Good, decided.

Whatever I was doing (nothing more than hanging on for dear life) worked because he started swinging backwards and forwards, pushing his pelvis against mine with more determination and inadvertently adding a pulling effect to the grip on his nipple. He loved it. I hung on with my teeth and enjoyed the ride, trying to vary the grip sites in case I was breaking his skin.

His fingers pressed into my backside to haul me closer as we fucked and I continued biting until my mouth and bent neck started to seize. His movements became as undisciplined as his sounds and he came while my teeth were still attached to him.

Afterwards I checked the damage and there was only the faintest of pink marks. He said the next day there was no swelling either.

I thought at the time I was filled with the aura of savages. It appears not. I may need more practice.

5 thoughts on “Biting

  1. I like it when there’s something behind to grab so I can be more involved, but on its own is perfectly good, too :-). I need more biting practice *adds to mental list* and it seems he wants to be practised on so win/win.

  2. I need more practice!

    It’s a good position for getting in deeply, but I imagine not one to hold for a long time for the man, unless the woman has something to hang onto and assist.

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