Some things I have learned

These are generalisations only.

Women are too fussy. Men are not fussy enough.

The quicker someone makes contact and pleads startling levels of mutual compatibility and urgency to meet, the quicker the person will flee after sex.

Both genders lie about their true intentions, but for different reasons. Men often want less than they promise, and women conceal that they want more.

You can only hope — but never control — how someone will treat you.

Men will tolerate long periods of text message questions, pleading and anger to end contact rather than end definitively with the risk of confrontation.

Penis size can never be predicted accurately from other bodily measurements. The short, skinny, wiry men often pack generous gifts between their thin legs.

Gut feel, intuition, call it what you will, is almost always right but the reason for the warning bells needs unravelling before sense can be made of a situation.

One of the most confronting sexual encounters is with a new partner who undresses and his children’s names are tattooed on his body.

The longer a couple is together, the less likely the partners are to confess new sexual desires or urges to each other. The dangerous scenario of an affair perversely offers a more comfortable situation to create a new sexual identity without preconceptions.

Men don’t want women to take the lead during the courting/meeting stage, however, they want women to display more obvious clues.

As a personal quality, honesty is only valued by the honest or a person deceived.

The less notice given by someone seeking a booty call, the less satisfaction is guaranteed for the person being called.

There are few feelings more intensely pleasurable than the moment of realising a mutual attraction.

Men masturbate one to four times a day on average when they’re home alone off work. I have the photos.

4 thoughts on “Some things I have learned

  1. Co0l! Here’s something I learned from reading blogs:
    I would rather sit down for counselling with a person in an open relationship (due to their deeper insight into human behavior) than a professionally trained psychologist. And if it’s my lucky day, I may even get more 🙂

  2. Ahhh, is that because a person in an open relationship may be more open minded because of their situation and experience, or perhaps just more biased towards an outcome you desire? 😉

    I’ve been to half a dozen psychs over the last few years (personal, couples, employee assistance and The Drummer’s) and I’d recommend only one to other people if asked. The couples therapist was funniest as he specialised in sexuality (apparently) and told me I knew nothing about sex. I’m the first to admit I don’t have all the answers, but “nothing” wasn’t taken well!

    1. Yes, I’m referring to the first one. I mean people in an open relationship like you is a better judge of behavior or character than psychologists, counselors, or therapists who only studied human behavior theoretically. Often times all the covers to the true personality of a person only falls off when in a relationship, especially of an intimate nature. And with all the experiences you shared with us, I fully submit to the wisdom of your observations in this post.

      Though, on my side, I find it more unnerving to find a new partner who undresses and her partner, husband, or ex-bf’s names are tattooed prominently on her body. 🙂

  3. Better judge, perhaps or perhaps not, but better understanding, certainly. I don’t have many of the answers, or even understand the root of many problems, but my mind is open and I accept that most people live as they do for a reason. Never ceases to frustrate or fascinate depending on the outcome for me :-).

    Let’s agree any name on a body is unnerving! The strangest one I saw was the faces of his children tattooed on his body — they were alive and well (and older) in real life but faded spectres on his skin as they’d seen too much sun over the years.

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