The hotel afternoon

The Country Boy and I met again (lust and selfishness defeated my moral stance) but the day happened to be unseasonably warm and clear and the beach car park was filling with sunseekers. I could only spend so long sprawled across his lap with my pants on and my eyes open looking for innocent bystanders who might chance upon us.

I made some calls and found a reasonably-priced motel a five-minute drive away, and we impatiently waited for the clock to tick near the check-in time. I always become awkward when at a hotel registration desk, as if the person organising my booking can see every lewd image of potential in my mind flashing like a porn video over my head, even though a huge number of hotel bookings must be of the less-than-one-night kind. She asked if we were touring, and I said, “Oh yes, first time exploring the area,” nervously unaware of the double entendre that sent Country Boy laughing with a hand over his mouth.

We were personally escorted into the room and the seconds crept again as we waited for our guide to get the hell out. On her exit we closed the drapery, locked the door and stood before each other, suddenly unsure where to start now we had secured our privacy. He sat on the bed and called me over, and I happened to fall on him in a whoops, look what’s happened but no harm done so let’s just stay like this a while kind of way.

“You like it on top, do you?” he said.

“Oh, I think I’ll like you any old way,” I replied, as I clamped my knees into his ribcage and felt his cock through his jeans.

We reached the moment I knew we had hours and could take our time yet I wanted the first fuck out of the way. The first time with a lover is new and filled with revelations but the lack of knowledge beforehand also obstructs the ability to contemplate what else is possible.

I ended up naked and laying on my back with his head between my legs. He lapped like a thirsty man chancing upon an oasis while two of his fingers made corkscrew movements inside me and I was surprised to find my body climaxing quickly. I was energised and said it was my turn to explore him more. He stood beside the bed in front of me and asked me to close my eyes as he removed his jeans. I knew he wasn’t as innocent as he has played because he was presenting his cock to me like a gift to behold, already knowing the reaction he’d receive. I kept my promise to keep my eyes closed and opened my mouth. I couldn’t say you’re fucking kidding me because my mouth was full and my lips strained to take the first couple of inches, and I knew that he knew he had been more generously proportioned than I had felt in the car when we met. My hand reached towards his shaft and I felt more hardness and I really wanted to get the first fuck out of the way to make sure I could take his size without discomfort.

He asked for me to start on top because the unrenovated 1970s architecture blessed the room with huge wardrobe mirrors to one side and equally large pieces of glass at the foot end of the bed and he wanted to see my arse bouncing. I wasn’t keen on seeing my wobbly bits from so many angles but being on top would allow me the opportunity to control the penetration and I pushed him back on the pillows and got on board.

The first tentative strokes were a sublime mix of piercing pain and addictive pleasure. I leaned backwards a couple of times but what felt like veins on the sides of his cock seemed like they were splicing my insides. I was more comfortable crouching on him like a jockey on a racehorse where I could control the penetration, and it also gave him an unfettered view of my hindquarters. My face was buried in his chest hair while he watched the action from all the angles.

Slowly, slowly, my body relaxed and expanded and I placed the palms of my hands on his shoulders and drew myself up. He wasn’t thrusting and I sat upright and held him inside me for a few moments to simply feel him. A few deep breathes later I shifted forward into a 45-degree angle and he joined me in moving our bodies together; I can usually come from this angle but I was overloaded from sensation and he came first.

He is easy to talk to and we filled the quiet moments with casual conversation and roaming hands. There wasn’t much down time as he recovered quickly and licked and massaged my breasts. That was my cue to explore his cock with my hand and it grew rapidly with silken touches along the shaft. If there were a cock Mr Olympia, I think he and Mr OMG would fight for the trophy: Mr OMG’s is more classically shaped but the Country Boy’s is slightly thicker and more workmanlike with its own appeal. I thought briefly of the delights of having them in the same room: they would tear me in half but I would be torn in half a very happy woman.

I sat on the bed with my legs crossed and drew him closer and clasped his buttocks. I licked up and down his shaft and rolled my wet tongue around the head of his cock. When his cock was coated with my saliva I ran my barely-open lips along his length, which made him generous with compliments. When my mouth needed a rest I stroked his messy-wet cock with one hand and licked his balls and perineum with the tip of my tongue. I’m not sure if I was doing a good job or if he’s responsive to almost anything but he seemed even more pleased. I spread his legs and thought about an approach further back but I couldn’t recall if we had discussed rimming. There are plenty of joys in the traditional zones and I can save the other ones for later.

He fingered me to wetness again and my crossed legs splayed open on the bed covers and my hand on his cock became undisciplined in its movements. He took the opportunity to fall on me and I wrapped my arms around him to make sure he wasn’t going anywhere. His cock grinded atop my pelvic bone until I was almost begging him for relief from the teasing. He grabbed a condom and entered me and I possibly bit his shoulder with surprise at the sensation: again an unfathomable depth of pleasure with tinges of searing pain. I could become obsessed with the mix of newness and familiarity and my body’s responses.

We fucked some more and felt and licked and kissed and hugged and probed and touched until darkness fell and we had to go. I hope we do it all again soon; I felt whole and rejuvenated again.

4 thoughts on “The hotel afternoon

  1. Yeah, I always wonder what they hotel clerk would think if I were going up to get fucked hard….Hot thought 🙂

  2. And maybe a good looking hotel clerk who’s just coming off shift and has no other plans. And knows your room number and is attracted to your companion as well. And brings extra towels :-).

    Okay, enough daydreaming and back to real life :-(.

  3. Yeah, wearing a short black skirt with a lowcut top showing the cleavage hotel clerks love to show 😉 And she not only knows the room number but also has a key and just wants to come in and get fucked…and is so horny shes not shy about it at all.. 😉

  4. Where does one find these hotels with such available and assertive staff? *sighs into the distance*.

    And the room has a big corner spa bath, a king-sized bed and an over-sized lounge for all kinds of activities involving three people …

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