Wasn’t so wild after all

The month turned out to be less exciting than I had hoped. I ended up postponing a meeting with Mr OMG to live out one of my ideas (fucking in my boss’s company car and hopefully squirting over the upholstery) due to a short-term illness but we have a few weeks to make that happen and I’m full of good health again.

I had dinner during the week with Mogul and my mind was focused on corrupting him in his car in the hotel car park, however, drunk patrons and a roaming security guard put an end to that plan. We caught up a few days later and I’ll chronicle that night in the next post.

A drunk client thought it a great idea that I drive five hours to meet him and I filed that offer away in the ‘unreasonable’ cabinet. Last week Steele returned and asked vaguely if I was still interesting in visiting his workplace, but I thought long and hard about his cancellations and apathy and said no — the convenience is handy but is no substitute for enthusiasm. I closed my account on the bisexual meeting site as the only difference between it and the heterosexual site was the number of men in brightly-coloured lingerie and strained fishnet stockings. The man with a tattoo on the shaft of his penis was a revelation though — I wonder how the tattoo artist completed the artwork as the image looked its most effective in the photos when his cock was erect.

I lamented briefly that April wasn’t full to the brim of wild behaviour, but when I thought about my sexual wish list over the last couple of years, double penetration was the only ‘to-do’ left uncrossed. One day … it’s highlighted in bright yellow and surrounded by stars, just so I don’t forget.

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