The body still surprises (or, my arse rocks the house)

A similarity between the non-sexual and sexual compartments of my life is that I am driven largely by the push and pull forces of curiosity and learning. Sexually, the greatest lesson last year was when Jekyll fisted me for the first time. A human hand fitted inside my body and it took two days for me to dare look at the photo because of the shock at my body’s hidden capability. This year Country Hottie sent my sense of comprehension reeling when I squirted for the first time. I was tied up and expecting a simple spanking scenario but the torrents of liquid running down my thighs told me that another bodily secret had been unveiled. I don’t necessarily enjoy the sensation but it could make a fun party trick when I work out how to do it myself.

Mr OMG has caused probably the second-most surprising moment of the year. He called a few mornings ago at an unexpected time that only birds and tradespeople (and me, now) are going about their business and all he wanted to say was how full his mind was with sexual thoughts. I’m not sure what’s behind his increased attentions of late but who am I to do anything but encourage more? We organised to meet on his way home from a Christmas party but I didn’t expect him because I thought he was too optimistic in the time he could leave. However, he called half an hour earlier than he had guessed and was 10 minutes away if I wanted him to drop by. I was in bed reading a book and sleepy enough to desire being draped around him lazily but alert enough to launch out of the covers, strip my clothes and greet him naked.

I left the bedroom door wider ajar than last time to bathe more of his lean body in light from the loungeroom. We mock argued about who was going to devour the other first, and he capitulated after the briefest of jostlings and laid on his back. I used my mouth from the head of his cock past his balls, with the sensation of my wet tongue brushing along the perineum making him shudder like a skyscraper in heavy wind. I wondered how long it had been since someone had adored attention on him there so I made a few passes that caused guttural sounds to escape from deep in his throat.

I flicked and twirled and rolled my tongue around his hole but he reacted most strongly to my tongue diving in as far as I could reach. He wanted deeper penetration and lifted his legs to allow me freer access. I snuck a look up and thought I saw his feet, hands and head in a perfect horizontal row; I’ll have to ask him to do that again when I’m less aroused so I can appreciate his range of movement (and think deviously about other positions that make full use of his flexibility).

He became too charged sexually to tolerate more foreplay and went down on me before we fucked with him on top. It was my turn to make guttural noises from who-knows-where each time his cock sank deeply. He tested the water and said coyly that he had thought again about fucking me anally — in a classic case of reacting before thinking, I squeezed my muscles and ascertained that I felt clean and empty enough to try. Before I gave myself the chance to talk myself out this hasty consent,  I grabbed a tube of lubricant out of the drawer, smeared a generous cold glob over his cock and rubbed the surplus between my legs. He winced at the initial chill but shuddered again and almost toppled from his kneeling position as I masturbated the slick fluid along his length — I suspect he’s never had a lubed hand caressing his cock and I plan teasing him to madness another time when he is unfettered by protection.

He laid me back on the bed and lifted my legs so they rested on his shoulders. Before I could ask him to move slowly and not allow the head of his cock to escape, he was half way in and thrusting. I don’t know which of us was more surprised by the smoothness of his entry. We checked each other’s welfare and were both feeling fine. I propped my head on a pillow so I could take in the view of his cock shifting in and out and felt tingling waves of goodness emanating from my centre. He pushed with more determination a few times and said he was all the way in and asked if I felt all right. I muttered a perplexed, “I do, I feel fantastic actually.” His noises told me more than enough about the joy he was experiencing.

He came and withdrew while he was still hard and we collapsed together — in released pleasure for him and thrilled surprise for me. My body accepted and enjoyed his cock with more ease than a finger or a smaller penis and I felt lighter than air. He didn’t understand my sense of wonder but he didn’t have to; memorable moments are often gifted by people who never realise the magnitude of their benefaction.

I was glad I gave him this pleasure and I felt good, too. If there is a next time, I’ll ask if he wants to try doggy style so he can watch the show as I suspect he’ll enjoy that very much.

7 thoughts on “The body still surprises (or, my arse rocks the house)

  1. I just read the entry when you were fisted for the first time. It’s interesting that I read this just now, as tonight, The Boy has told me that it’s time we moved in that direction. I’m a bit frightened at the prospect of such a big object inside me. (The Boy is Lebanese and has HUGE hands) Having said that, the prospect of being an extension of someone’s body is incredibly erotic.

    Well, In a few hours from now I’ll know for sure if I’m fistable 😉

  2. Hey, are you still on the computer?! Don’t get your arse handballed until you’ve listened more to your Aunty Dirty …

    I almost handballed Hyde last year:

    Water-based lube (in my opinion) dries too quickly and I’m not sure if silicone will suffice as I haven’t tried it yet. I believe Crisco is the fisting and handballing lube of choice so drag yourself to a kink or Amercian food supply shop and grab a tub. If The Boy is using gloves, you’ll need non-latex as oil destroys latex.

    Don’t expect to take his whole hand the first time as the band of knuckle bones is taking your body to the edge of a new frontier :-). But take photos if you do!


    1. Hello again.

      Well as it turns out, I’m un-fistable as yet. But my god, did we try. He got up to his knuckles, but that was it unfortunately. We used heaps of regular lube, but we have a friend loaning us something called “J Lube”

      which works, but it comes in powder form, so I’m assuming you have to dilute it with water. Round two is on Tuesday night and we should have the J Lube by then. I own a rather large dildo (aptly named King George) and I’ll get the boy to open me up with it first, hopefully that should do the trick.

      Thanks for the advice, and “The Thumb goes on the inside” was a great read 🙂

  3. I’m 55 years old and I’ve been on the receiving end of anal sex (as a youngster, once – long story…. and more recently with the use of a strap-on by my lover) BUT
    I’ve never yet experienced it from the giving side
    The offer is open to me, but somehow there just always seems to be something more urgent to do with my erection.

    For instance….. you said ‘….I suspect he’s never had a lubed hand caressing his cock and I plan teasing him to madness another time when he is unfettered by protection.’ and I nodded and smiled at the memories of the oh so many OMG moments that I’ve enjoyed with my lover and a bottle of Johnson’s Baby Oil
    and a string of Thai beads…

  4. SS, is it wrong of me to feel so proud of you? I wish I was as adventurous as you at your age rather than playing my catch-up game.

    I haven’t tried J Lube and I’ll look forward to your feedback after you mix a batch and take it for a road test. Now that you’ve felt the knuckles for the first time, you’ll go into the next attempt with that experience and go further than a human hand has gone before ;-).

    Never given, happy? Ever? I vemehently avoid all attempts to make new year resolutions but on this occasion I think you should list that on yours :-).

  5. Don’t be buying a ticket right now as it’s too damn hot!

    What makes you think I enjoy anal sex?

    Oh, yeah, it’s the first entry in the tag cloud. Hmm :-).

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