You’d be quicker if you were paying

I ended up being convinced the following week by Young Tradesman that catching up at short notice was a good idea. I’d had a rough week and was fractious, didn’t have other plans and needed a break from some after-hours work I was doing. We agreed to meet at the same industrial estate as last time. The car park alongside one building was still pitch dark and not monitored by any form of security.

Here is where I gained more empathy for people who keeping making the same mistakes and not learning from their life’s lessons, because after 10 minutes I remembered why last time I said we didn’t do much that warranted mentioning. Hope and optimism tend to cloud and overtake memory and past experiences. I was bored shitless because it was all about him and little — apart from a probing finger a couple of times — about me.

After a few minutes of kissing and grinding into each other against the side of his car, I received the cursory explorations with his finger and I was suddenly glad I only showered and didn’t perform the entire depilation and preparation routine I mentioned a few posts ago. My return on investment would have been appalling, and even thinking in those terms made me realise I should make this a quick time rather than a good time and head home to bed.

He agreed quickly to tearing his jeans off and laying across the back seat of his car and I immersed myself in tonguing his balls and sucking his already iron-hard cock. He shifted my head lower to rim him and lifted his backside to allow me access. I truly didn’t know or remember him having such a hairy pathway from his balls to his anus. My tongue was shredded after only the second lick to try to moisten the area. I managed to tongue fuck his arse a few times before he pulled my head up to suck his cock again. I returned to my earlier ministrations and tuned in mentally to his car’s radio while I was sucking. The radio announcer’s voice was tinny and I wondered why Young Tradesman owned a nice, late-model car that was fitted with such a poor quality stereo system. I realised I was disengaging from the simple pleasure of sucking a cock and set myself the goal of finishing him off in the next three songs.

I failed in reaching that objective but I wasn’t entirely to blame. He pushed my head down a few times to see if I could take all his cock (almost, and I probably would have if I wasn’t grumpy about him being presumptuous by pushing), set me to licking his balls again and shifted to allow me another shot at his forested arse. He must have sensed I wasn’t going to return for another bout for a long time and he was dragging the experience out as long as he could. After about the fifth song I put on my dirtiest voice and said I’d really like him to come in my mouth. He tried turning a quick exchange of words into a conversation, and I replied with, “I want you to come soon in my mouth because I want your tasty come. Now.”

The most interesting part of the encounter was watching him masturbate the head of his cock in tiny jerking movements because I’ve never seen that technique before. I regretted earlier when rousing him that I said his semen tasted clean and healthy, because it didn’t. The sour spurts made me regret I was leaning forwards and had to taste too much in my front and side tastebuds before swallowing.

He put his clothes on, we kissed goodbye and I went home. The end.

4 thoughts on “You’d be quicker if you were paying

  1. One of my biggest pet peeves – when they drag it out, despite some polite hints to get it over with.
    I think all women should make a pact right now: let’s just be blunt with them. If they’re going to be obtuse, we shouldn’t have to suffer for it 😛

  2. I need to participate in your pact. I do all kinds of things that don’t end according to plan because of wanting to please and politeness. One day I’ll be blunt enough to say, “Actually, I’m bored so let’s either stop or wrap it up.”

  3. From a personal perspective sometimes the pleasure of the journey is so great that I actually don’t want it to end… but I pride myself on always being open and receptive to the ladies wants and needs.

    But don’t forget the flip side of this issue. The hours I’ve spent with my back bent and neck twisted must surely have contributed to the lumbar pains that now afflict me.

  4. The Duchess Pact 2009 doesn’t have to be for women only!

    I’ll bet the times you were happy for it not to end where when your partner was receptive, enthusiastic and there was a strong likelihood of things evening out. I only think about reciprocation inbalance when I’m shitty; the rest of the time I often want to give more than I receive as I feel much pleasure from the doing as well.

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