I am strong. I will not yield from my game plan. I am disciplined. I will not waver when I am before him.

I am full of shit.

Country Hottie confirmed the time of our meeting with a slightly out of role text message starting, “Hey there, gorgeous thing …” and my resulting internal monologue went along the lines of Oh my god, I’m so nervous, how am I going to stay in role, oooh he might make me squirt again even though I’m not supposed to want pleasure, and I hope we do some fun stuff afterwards because I’d really like to massage him, *squeal* god he’s got a nice body and I can’t wait to get my hands all over him again, growwwwl I could easily have his cock inside me right this second, I wonder what’s in the toy bag he hasn’t let me see inside yet, and hey, you, overactive brain, focus on the dark and serious things again, please.


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