We found a handful of hours to spend together before he leaves town for a few weeks.

No resentment about unresolved issues and meeting others; just kissing, sucking and fucking to re-establish simple pleasures. I was ill and incapable of much beyond languid appreciation and he led, accommodated and fulfilled gently.

I wobbled a little as I came when on top in a 69 position. His cock was still in my mouth and I was grateful for the miracle of sex that keeps delicate parts safe when everything around them is contracting.

We fell into a side-by-side interpretation of a 69 and I admired the lines of his legs as we feasted again. He laid me on my back and entered with less discipline but asked if I wanted him to stop. No. Please, no. I abstractly observed the movements of his body and appreciated his more energetic taking of pleasure until he finished and collapsed on my chest.

I’m looking forward to his return rather than looking to avoid contact. We’ll sort out the other things when he comes back.

6 thoughts on “Sweet

  1. So true, Happy. It can leave me smiling and endorphin-addled for days.

    Can non-Blogspot users leave comments on your blog? I tried but I couldn’t in OpenID or WordPress.

  2. Goodie, but I can’t remember what I wanted to comment about. I’ll try for something intelligent another time :-).

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