I don’t know if he picked the best or worst time to say breezily he’s been busy and would like to invite me back to his rural lair soon.

In the previous hours I had almost resigned my job, couldn’t remember driving parts of the way home because of chronic tiredness, vanquished the individual in the previous post, suspended my online account because dickheads had made the process more pain than fun, finished reading the last pages of a book that ripped my heart out and left tears streaming down my face, and I squeezed in an orgasm to really stir the hormones into a wonky mood soup.

The intrepid, prickly other me that would like to fuck him again stood in for the confused and jaded real thing. He can interpret the reply any way he likes.


2 thoughts on “Perhapsing

  1. No embarrassment necessary: the book has been the most pleasing thing about the past week :-).

    It was “The Book Thief” by Markus Zusak. I had avoided the book’s hype but bought it half-heartedly in a three-for-two offer. In a few pages I was humbled by the cleverness and wry wit of the narrator’s voice and the story that unfolded. Ignore all this if you have read the book, of course, but if you haven’t I recommend you look at a shop and avoid online reviews as the surprises are like beautiful offerings.

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