It’s been a bumpy week but I am on a mission this weekend, I’ve decided.

Pierced Chap – gone

He works afternoon shift and I have postponed evening meetings twice. Unfortunately our flirting phase was before I fell into some long hours and broken sleep and by 9pm I’m ready for bed (mine). He seems to have disappeared and I just have to wear it as a lost opportunity caused by my current circumstances.

Bully – hopefully gone

An unsettling experience that I hope like hell has ended. He wrote a brief, interesting intro and we were progressing towards meeting this weekend. Yesterday I received a volley of text and voice messages saying we had to talk – NOW. He sounded drunk and on the phone tried to insist several times that I visit him on my way home. He ignored my replies that I don’t meet strangers first-up at their homes. Personal safety aside, I wasn’t available and he insisted to the point of haranguing to collect me from work and drop me home again. Red flags waved everywhere and I ended contact. Fingers crossed he doesn’t come back as I am getting shivers thinking about it.

Local Man – on

Single, younger, possibly too close to home as I may know his father (settle, he’s not that young) but we’ve sworn jokingly to not being seen in public if we get along. I don’t have a good grip on his appearance because his photos are of a motley assortment of drunken lads wearing hats but his written communication is more than fine. We engaged in some text flirting during office hours yesterday and I coerced him into wanking in his office toilet and sending me pictures. Whoops. I feel funny sometimes when I’ve seen genitals in close-up technicolour but haven’t a clue about the other bits I enjoy kissing.

Butterflies – who knows

Grouped collectively as the ego boosting, hormone-driven young lovelies who flit about briefly but never land. Impossible to catch except if they’re flying by on Friday and Saturday nights. One of the handful was go, go, go late last weekend but I was ready for bed rather than booty calling. I have been trying to avoid once-off meetings but the little voice says to indulge in him if there’s an opportunity. He sent a photo of his dick in a cock pump and I must say it needs rescuing from the clear tube of torture.

Woman – unsure

We exchanged a few messages on the site and I received a passive-aggressive note when she didn’t receive an e-mail I had promised last weekend. She then checked her spam folder and there, lying undisturbed, was a carefully constructed e-mail I had indeed sent. Her apology was sweet. Still early days and it’s nice to deal with a similar version of me but I had to smile a couple of times when I thought that we could speed up the courtship process — perhaps I’m more Team Testosterone than I think.

My money is on the local man at the moment unless a dark horse (or butterfly) arrives from nowhere.

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