Let’s talk about why women have it so easy

No one wins when arguing with idiots but sometimes it’s necessary, if for no reason than to give me more to complain about. One of the biggest gripes from men seeking sexual partners online is that, because men outnumber women, “women have it so easy.”

The last man to say that to me was held hostage on his phone and forced to listen to an earful along the lines of:

“Do you have any goddamn idea what it’s like to be an ordinary person and have three-fucking hundred men launch in 24 hours like I’m the last dead fish for sale on Good Friday, and don’t read, won’t read, and certainly bloody well don’t take notice of the two hours I put into writing something that takes less than two minutes to read and decide whether to make contact. Men do not fall at my feet at this rate in real life and it’s a whole fucking artificial environment populated primarily by opportunists who send messages to anything with a vagina. It’s not actually like the greengrocer’s where women pick a mango from the display one day, a peach the next, and a fucking banana the day after that.”

“Um, err …”

“Do you have any idea how frustrating it is sorting through the screens of crap? And libido killing? That’s why your next complaint will be that women tend to go invisible or cancel their accounts as they’re questioned when they say no and harangued when they can’t keep up with responses and ignore messages. Do you see men’s profiles that say ‘it’s polite to respond even if you’re not interested?’ That’s just a smokescreen to manipulate women into contact they fear initiating because it opens the door slightly to negotiation and even more unwanted contact to end. Have you tried to divide 300 into the five or so messages a member can send a day with a paid account and how long it’ll take to respond, then deal with the new responses, and the repeated re-messaging from the first-day vag jumpers who are impatiently waiting replies. Have you? Have you?”

“Oh, I didn’t …”

“And! That’s just the start. The intelligent, thoughtful men who know how to communicate get frustrated because women don’t see their messages as they get drowned out among the thoughtless fools, which kills off the smart gene pool and propagates a larger lowest common denominator … “

“Hmm, err …”

I think he’s sorry he asked. We didn’t talk again.

5 thoughts on “Let’s talk about why women have it so easy

  1. Andrew H, I agree about the relationship sites and to an extent about the fucking sites but I think women have the power on fucking sites only at the first filtering stage. The rest of it — once a woman is interested — swings back heavily in favour of men because women usually want more than last-minute, man with hard cock in hand booty calls never to be seen again after the first fuck.

    I’ve drafted another post on this but it’s more about my not fitting into that system and being confused as hell at the moment by my new breed of fuckers-and-runners — it’s dejected sour grapes and probably won’t be released.

    But, Z, you’re not scared of a bit of verbal jousting — many folks online think a narky woman is the first sign of possessiveness and drama and run away :-).

  2. I realize people think that because we have the pussy, we have the power. Sure, to some degree, I believe that, but getting inundated with messages causes many good quality women to run from those sites. I often went days without checking, only to be ramrodded with a boatload of responses, ones I could in no way personally answer to. It’s frustrating for us, and in turn, them.

  3. I agree, Kate, and I’m almost smiling that at any time on any dating web site on earth, women are tearing their hair out and men are also tearing their hair out.

    Yet I think of the other ways of meeting people and I think online is the least worst — I’ve had a few men not wanting to deal with my being in a relationship and other reasons that can be dealt with upfront on a profile.

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