Status quo

ArmyDude didn’t get the job. I’m relieved in a commonsense kind of way but the latent self-destructive part of my mind is disappointed. He sounded relieved as the job wasn’t his cup of tea anyway but annoyed that time has to be wasted jumping through silly career hoops. I sent him a message saying I was sorry about the outcome and he needed to organise time so I can suck his cock again. We’re both practical types.

2 thoughts on “Status quo

  1. Oh, yes. There were also internal political ramifications that would have been mine to die slowly in if he was offered the job.

    Now I have more work and few staff in an anger-inducing twist of decisions and wondering why the hell I’m so short temperered.

    By the way, my new profile isn’t the utopics one you mentioned in a post last week, but I’m tempted to try that approach!

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