Help me if you can, I’m not feeling down (but rather frustrated)

I have been bursting to reflect upon and write about the 12-hour sexual odyssey with Jekyll and Hyde during the week, but my orgasm keeps interrupting so it’ll have to come first (oh, how I wish).

The University of New Mexico has published results of research into the effectiveness of Viagra for women on anti-depressants experiencing delayed orgasm. Almost three-quarters of the women studied experienced improvements in sexual function after taking Viagra.

I can’t describe the frustration of finding an anti-depressant that’s provided a cushion from mind-breaking crashes but also turned me into the sexual equivalent of a neutered housecat sleeping in a sunny window. It’s when the ability to orgasm was dulled that I learned a harsh lesson of how important sexual release is to clear the mind, refresh the body, connect with a partner and forget about everything else in life for a while. It might sound trite to someone who’s not experienced the condition, but sometimes the only thing that can hit the ‘stop’ switch in an over-active mess of a mind is to flood it with the body’s own feel-good chemicals. But at 2 in the morning and the knowledge that a five-minute self-fix has been turned into a 45-minute marathon just to get off, it gets frustrating. Oh my god turns into About fucking time. Every fucking time.

And when I’m in a room with two attractive, skilled and attentive men and it takes 10 hours for my body to finally let go, I’m ready to chuck the medication in the bin and consequences be damned. I am tired of physical pain in my abdomen at times, and explaining that, “It’s not you, it’s definitely me and this is how my body works at the moment.”

Any longer-term trade-offs and decisions are ultimately mine but I am going to see my doctor about conducting a little Viagra experiment to try a best-of-both-worlds approach.

In the meantime, has anyone reading this experienced the same problem and dilemma? Had sex with a woman who has taken Viagra? Are a woman taking Viagra? Had success with other techniques, medications, anything? Please drop a comment, or e-mail thedirtyblonde at gmx dot com for private correspondence.

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